Scoonie Penn

Ohio State Buckeyes / Olympiakos (Europe League)

​Personally, Coach Mike is someone I have had the pleasure of getting closer to over the years. He is someone who strives to better himself in every capacity. Coach Mike is a loyal friend and someone you can count on if you need him. Since I have known him he has always been someone who is very upbeat with a positive outlook on things. More importantly above all his great character attributes he is a man of God.

On a professional note Mike is a relentless worker. I have seen him work with athletes and the intensity that he brings is second to none. More importantly he knows what he is doing when dealing with ball players that are serious about improving their skills and knowledge of the game. He has a special ability to get his point across and help people better understand what he is trying to teach.

In my opinion Coach Mike is one of the best coaches and teachers of the game in Central Ohio. The ability he has to run and organize a smooth, fun filled but highly educational camp for aspiring basketball players is great. In the near future I can see Coach Mike being successful at a University or being a great program director.


Scoonie Penn - theDOBO - Columbus Youth Basketball
Byron Mullens

NBA Charlotte Bobcats


"The DOBO's programming has greatly influenced my life--on and off the court.  Mike Thornton's workout programs are designed to fit your individual fitness goals and SUCCEED in achieving those goals.  While training with Mike or watching him train other individuals, you can truly tell by his high energy and passion for results that this is his TRUE calling. As a NBA player who has been through tons of individual workouts, I can say first hand, Mike is definitely one of the best trainers around. Mike's love for not only training, but also for Christ has inspired me in my own walk with the Lord.  Knowing his background and the way he follows the Lord and takes care of his family, has encouraged me in my own life's journey."

Byron Mullens -  theDOBO - Columbus Youth Basketball

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